Words: You Can’t Hide Behind Them

Words, whether spoken or written are so revealing. There is much power in words. In Proverbs 18:21 it tells us the strong message that, Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. Just as Almighty God spoke the first recorded command of, let there be light, so our words create and continue to create. He breathed into us the breath of life, so we have His breath, right? Words I speak come from my heart. And that reveals who I am. I am trying to communicate with words on this blog, and as soon as I open my mouth (using written words) I

John Lee Dumas: Kickstarter on Fire

January 7 2016 - Blog Post

Though I'm not a regular listener of the Entrepreneur on Fire daily podcast, what Mr. John Lee Dumas, a U.S. marine, has pulled off this week is nothing short of inspiring. He has interviewed 1,200 guests since launching EO Fire. In the course of his interviews he noticed a commonality among his guests: Goal setting. And goal achieving. In the course of his interviewing tenure and his own experiences, he has developed his own system for achieving, and developed the Freedom Journal to share what he's discovered. The Freedom Journal launched on Kickstarter on Monday, January 4, 2016.

Why is my Response to Criticism so Crucial?

Jan 5 2016 - Blog Post

If I am able to give constructive criticism I also need to be able to receive it. (I'm writing for me now.) I find it easy to tell my customers where they should correct the direction they're going. But sometimes I have a hard time receiving correction myself. After I get over myself so that I am able to receive correction then it prepares me for real peace in my own heart. When peace is in my own heart then I have one of the key ingredients for peace with another person. And then many persons. It starts in here—in my own heart. How well do you receive correction? Please comment

What’s the Right Way to Ask a Question?

January 4 2016 - Blog Post

There’s something almost magical about asking honest questions without apology. Asking honestly draws stories out of a person’s life in a way nothing else does. The very important counterpart of asking the right question is having the grace to then be quiet and listen to the answer. If we could eliminate questions from our speech for a week or even for a day we would begin to better understand the power of the question. The German Jewish inventor Charles Steinmetz said, “No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions.” How has asking the right questions added value

The Seemingly Unimportant May be the Most Important

January 3 2016 - Blog Post

Consistent. Daily. One word at a time. Show up daily. Do the work. Be dependable. These words describe what seem to be the best way to make the most impact. The scripture in Luke 16:10, states that He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. It seems all the questions I have about what it takes to be successful and what it takes to make an impact, can really be boiled down to: keep doing it, keep marching, not only when you feel like it—just do it. Intuitively, we know the answer, but will we do what we

Today is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

January 2 2016 - Blog Post

Today—don't miss it At the ending and beginning of each year the hopes are high for a knockout year—in the future—next year. Today, I am writing to remind myself that I can never and will never live a whole year, a whole month, or even a whole hour at a time. I live in this moment. While planning for the future and how I spend my day and my week is very important, it is the actions I take this moment that really make the difference. Can I take action today? Of course, I can. Will I? Just do it I have set my standards so high in the past that I have failed to 'show up and do

The Squiggly Line to Success

January 1 2016 - Blog Post

The New Year Day From the vantage of 2015 the New Year and 2016 was all posh, untainted, and the most successful time of my life. Here I am, on the 2016 side, and what I discover is the need for faithfulness in the moment. In the day. What will I do today to reach my goals? Yesterday, I was reading The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran. Brian's book helped me understand it won't work to take the lazy route until September then try to make up for all the wasted opportunities in order to hit my goals by December 31. Beat-Up Writer Frankly, today I feel somewhere between beat-up, humble,

Three Lessons from my Thanksgiving Day Hunt

Thanks Day Hunt Post-Dec 1 2015

Horizontal strokes of rosy pink brushed the pre-dawn sky. We traipsed the semi-mud, harvested soybean field and entered the forest. An occasional breeze kissed our cheeks. Leaves and fallen limbs underfoot. Bare wood towering around us. Before we entered the denser forest I made a last glimpse of the morning clouds snuggling around the low hanging moon. My brother-in-law David and his 9-year-old son and I had broken into the pre-dawn with turkeys on our minds (wild ones, that is). It was Thanksgiving Day morning in northwestern Pennsylvania and the rest of the family was still snoozing at

Thanks to Lewis Schiff and Jeff Goins (I Took Your Advice. It Worked.)

Profit and Schiff-Goins Follow Up Blog Post - Nov 2015

I am not entirely sure what motivated Jeff Goins to interview Lewis Shiff from Inc. Magazine, about a year ago, but it sure made a difference for me. When I wrote my original post about the podcast interview last year there were eleven comments on Jeff's post. It's been over a year, and there are twelve. It's pretty obvious that the podcast was for me. The message of the podcast and the book Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff deeply resonated. I shifted gears and began to focus on profitability in my marketing and branding business. My blog writing went onto the back burner. (FYI: I

This Interview of Lewis Schiff and Jeff Goins Turned my World Upside Down

Business Brilliant book

A few weeks ago, I listened with interest to Jeff Goins' interview of Lewis Schiff from Inc. Magazine. I had never heard of Lewis Schiff before. The interview was based on Schiff's book: Business Brilliant. I used to think radio hosts and podcasters often would interview authors "just to sell a book and make a buck." Let me say clearly, I have a different perspective now. The podcast In the interview, Jeff admitted that he questioned some of the the claims Lewis made in the book. However, Jeff did say he has bought eleven copies of the book for his mastermind group. (He's bought so