26 Things I Would Do If I Had No Fear (the terror kind)

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1. I would do exactly the work I have always wanted to do. Because I would have no fear that it would not fulfill me or be anything except profitable.

2. I would share hope freely, and without any restraint in my spirit, by how I speak, how I look, how I walk, and how I act.

3. I would give praise freely, liberally, and candidly because I have no fear of being considered a flatterer or of having motives ulterior.

4. I would produce my art prolifically—and then gregariously present my art and my vision without any fear of rejection or fear of being mocked at or scorned.

5. I would look people straight in the eyes and smile —and mean every word I say because I do not fear rejection or doubt or suspicion.

6. I would laugh freely with anyone and everyone I meet and be totally sincere with no fear of people second guessing my motives.

7. I would give money to people who ask via cardboard signs at intersections, believing they truly need what they ask for. (I will not fear but believe that their encounter with me will give a ray of hope that they could be doing something more valuable with their lives even though begging can be financially profitable and even lucrative.)

8. I would be free to believe and be believable.

9. I would give time and love to orphans, elderly, and homeless without even the slightest doubt or fear that they will think my motives are anything but sincere and pure. I would listen to their stories sincerely even if they are repeats because I am now oozing love.

10. I would share the hope for a fulfilling life, a life of possibility, and a way for struggling ones to overcome bondage and the thoughts of suicide.

11. I would give of my resources (financial, emotional, and time) to causes that are truly making a difference and providing a real solution at the root of society’s ills and making a lasting difference.

12. I would freely share my struggles because I have no fear of being rejected or thought to be anyone but who I am.

13. I would no longer be concerned about protecting my reputation, but only that heavenly love would flow from my life into every soul I encounter.

14. I would continue showing love and acceptance toward the youngster I am mentoring even though I am called a sissy or anything comparable to that. (I have experienced this one.)

15. I would continue to shovel snow along the sidewalk of my neighbor whom my other neighbor thinks is so undeserving. (I have experienced this one.)

16. I would provide lodging for the stranger whom the local church put on the street because he allegedly spoke false doctrine. (A friend of mine took in one such unfortunate soul.)

17. I would assume God hears and answers my prayers, because why would He tell me to pray without ceasing but then not answer when I pray?

18. I would continue to give love even when I am spat upon, because I am free from the fear of what people think.

19. I would reveal my raw humanness and vulnerability on my blog without fear that people may lookdown on me.

20. I would disclose new ideas and expose whatever project I am working on and whatever thoughts I am thinking to people around me and to my readers without self-consciousness for either failure or success.

21. I would ask people without delay for an interview for my blog. And even ask a second time in case the first answer is no.

22. I would travel to a nearby city and spend a day with the homeless and ask them to tell me their stories, so that I could write them and share them.

23. I would feel free to ask a master storyteller if they would give me two hours of their time in exchange for a meal or a latté, and I would drive hours for the meeting.

24. I would run in a local half marathon without the fear that I look goofy when I run or that I would come back in last.

25. I would post my writing all over Facebook and tell all my friends what I am writing if I had no fear of rejection or of my character and Godliness being judged.

26.  I would rampantly ask white collars and blue collars (who have stories we can learn from) for interviews because I would not fear looking stupid or fear my inability to complete the interviews in a timely and professional manner.

What action would you take if you were totally free from fear?

  • Rod Semple

    Arlen thanks for that. I’m so glad you published these gems. I’m going to apply them to my own life. Thank you brother.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      That is very kind of you, Mr. Rod. What a delight to “meet” someone from Australia. Thank you so much for your visit and thanks for your encouragements. The 500-Word team is a tremendously powerful place to meet up. All the best in your pursuits with your writing!

  • Rod Semple

    Arlen, I’d really like to repost this on my blog. Do you have any objections. If you agree what is the correct protocol to follow? Looking forward to your response. Best regards, Rod.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      I just noticed your message. For some reason Disqus had classed it as Spam. Go for it. I don’t know that there is any protocol except a link/attribution. All the best. Let me know if you need anything else, Sir.

  • http://thoughthouse.org/ Micah

    3, 4, 12, 13, 19, 20, 22 and 25 especially resonated. But this is something I’m going to spend some time thinking about. In fact, I may steal this idea Arlen and write about it. It’s a very powerful topic. Thanks for sharing this.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Thank you so much for your comment, Micah. You’re a great encouragement. Blessings on your work and writing.