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My name is Arlen Miller. I live with my sweet and beautiful wifey in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I love stories. Telling stories. Writing stories. Hearing stories. I believe it’s a God-given passion to document events and stories and help people tell their stories. I’m here for the learning. I determined if I put myself ‘out there’ online it will motivate an urgency to keep learning. Keep telling. Keep going.

I currently offer marketing services to local companies to help them get the word out about who they are and what they do. But the fire is still burning to help people tell their individual stories. I had the privilege of helping a Haitian pastor tell his story in a book I self-published in 2001. That was one learning experience.

I learn by doing. By listening. By doing more. By moving. By writing. By reading.

If I can help anyone better tell their story… that’s what I see as my purpose. How might I help?

It’s been my privilege to ask all kinds of questions and then write stories about businesses and events since my boss, at the time, goaded me on in 1999.

I’ve just started my online presence via this blog, so how I present myself on here is a work in progress, but please (yes, please) check back. I have just made available a free download of an ebook on this site. Please enter your name and get the download. The ebook is How to Write a Biography. Please stop back soon.

I have a bias for Chocolate Rush espresso and hand-mixed ice cream on a coldstone from Wallhouse Coffee. My all-time favorite mix-ins are shredded coconut, pecan pieces, and espresso (yes, fresh coffee on ice cream:).

I have been influenced by the lives of: Wayne Weaver, Paul Washer, Wesley Smith, Marvin Wengerd, Derek Prince, David Wilkerson, Michael Hyatt, and Jeff Goins.

I have joined Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers course and get to hang out with writers at the cooler over there.

The power of the story
I believe what really makes stories powerful is by telling them. I long to tell stories. Stories are bridge-makers. They communicate. They make the complex simple. They get the message across. I love ‘em.

What’s your story? Are you writing it? Are you sharing it? What are you doing with the stories within you? Around you? Are you doing your part to preserve them?



My Writing Portfolio

My Writing Sweet Spot: The Power of Question on Dan Erickson’s site.


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  • http://cbcpm.net/ Michael Andrzejewski

    Awesome! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories. Thanks for the introduction!

  • http://globalhurricaneblog.com/ Anthony Clark

    Thanks for the post. I am very interested in Goin’s Tribe Writers and wish to hit a webinar by Firepole. I would love to hear more of your feedback on the two item if you have the time.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Mr. Anthony, Thanks so much for your visit. I am still in the beginning stages of Tribe Writers so I’m not able to tell comprehensively. However, there is good feedback on TW led by Jeff Goins and Andy Traub. Jeff connects well with his readers and with his direct contacts his ‘attendees; wouldn’t allow the program to be anything short of complete and well-done. I believe I can quite confidently say that the TW program is worth doing if you have a message or product and want to reach and audience.

      Considering a webinar with Danny Iny is a good idea if you want to learn more about reaching an audience with a message or product. His message on building an audience business is very thorough and he speaks from experience. I did go through the Business Ignition Bootcamp with Danny and his team at Firepole. He is very comprehensive and his material is solid. All the best to ya, Anthony. Thanks again for your visit.

  • gen punongbayan

    I love stories and reading as well as writing. You got something great in there Arlen. I just came across Goin’s blog. Keep doing what you do hopefully readers will learn from your experience. Bless you

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Thank you kindly for your visit and for your comment, Gen. I appreciate it. Where might I see your writing?

  • http://www.goalsarecool.com/ Blake Lea

    Arlen, I enjoy stories as well…we need more story tellers. Thank you for the introduction and keep doing what you are doing. I look forward to reading more.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, Mr. Blake. Thanks for your encouragement, Sir. I’m going to check out what you have brewing in your site as well. How did you arrive here?

      • http://www.goalsarecool.com/ Blake Lea

        I found your site via a Google search on stories. Hope you are having a great Saturday! I look forward to reading more of your stories.

        • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

          Delightful. Thanks for your visit and thanks for letting me know how you found me. Best wishes.

  • jcounselor

    Great work you’re doing, Arlen. I have yet to sort through my 40 + prayer journals over three decades of my life.