Are We Forward- or Backward-Thinking?

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Every morning I have a choice. I can wish myself back to 3AM so I can keep sleeping or get dressed and march into the fray.

I can regret. Or I can get a move on and enjoy it.

This may seem simple, but I think it’s pretty fundamental.

When I take a shower in the evening, am I cleaning up from today or preparing for tomorrow?

When I crawl into bed, am I resting from a long, hard day or reloading for tomorrow?
We might say both, but which is the primary reason?

Do we always look forward or always look back?

There’s a big difference. It affects every area of our lives. It’s a filter we look through at everything in our lives.

One who lives backwards wants to get paid for everything they have done. The one looking forward knows if they give and keep giving the day will likely come that revenue will come. They keep giving.

Serve now, then what?

Serve first. Get paid later. There really is a logic to it.

But sometimes it’s a challenge to live up to it.

It won’t work if I withhold my best until after I get a raise. I need to give it all I’ve got and pay it forward… then we can expect a raise in the future.

I can’t expect to get reward before I get moving. Before I give value.

It’s a matter of forward thinking or backward thinking. I’m thinking we are either the one or the other.

Which one?

Epic attitude
There is a manufacturing company in my area who live by the principle that when a client calls to have something made right, they will make it right with a smile. Since they will be making it right anyway, they are going to do it with pleasure and a smile. I think this is an epic attitude for business.

If they would take the backward approach they could get upset and start the blame game.

But forward thinking serves and realizes that serving fully is always the better option. It’s the high road. With much reward.

Actually, the reward is knowing we did the right thing. Keep serving.

Because life is more than reward. Life is about sharing. The living that overflows.

Keep giving.

What is best way to become a forward thinker? Which one are you? Please comment below.

  • Bill (cycleguy)

    I tend to think forward. I am tired at the end of the day but i sleep to prepare for the next day (if not why do people hit the snooze?). I shower in the morning because I want to be “good” for the upcoming day. I shave to look good for the upcoming day. I cannot change the past; only make the future better.

    • Arlen Miller

      Indeed so! Thanks so much for your visit, Bill. I appreciate it very much. Thanks for what you’re doing on your site and across the ‘sphere.

  • Dan Erickson

    I just serve up what I do because I love to do it. Maybe I’ll get paid later, but I’ve got over that. If we are planning on getting paid later and things move slower than expected, we’ll more likely quit. I’m not in this for money. I’m in this to share with others and because I write. It’s who I am.

    • Arlen Miller

      Thanks for sharing that, Dan. I know that when I started writing editorial stories I enjoyed it so much the pay didn’t matter. I was looking for the next ‘high’— getting published. :)

  • Uplifting-change Through Heali

    Wonderful story.

    • Arlen Miller

      Thanks for your visit and comment.

      • Uplifting-change Through Heali

        You are most welcome <3!