This Interview of Lewis Schiff and Jeff Goins Turned my World Upside Down

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Business Brilliant bookA few weeks ago, I listened with interest to Jeff Goins’ interview of Lewis Schiff from Inc. Magazine. I had never heard of Lewis Schiff before.

The interview was based on Schiff’s book: Business Brilliant. I used to think radio hosts and podcasters often would interview authors “just to sell a book and make a buck.”

Let me say clearly, I have a different perspective now.

The podcast

In the interview, Jeff admitted that he questioned some of the the claims Lewis made in the book. However, Jeff did say he has bought eleven copies of the book for his mastermind group. (He’s bought so many his wife shut down his buying power for that title. No more buying the book to give away.) Even others in the group questioned claims Lewis made in the book. However, the group members were willing to adjust their thinking to accommodate the claims.

I concede, in the course of the interview they knocked over some pretty important pins in my own structure. (Let me correct and restate: I thought the pins were important.)

I noticed that this particular interview has the least number of comments from all of Jeff Goins’ podcasts. Could we conclude it didn’t resonate as much with Jeff’s tribe as some other interviews he has presented? I am beginning to conclude the podcast was presented for only me.

The effect

It is hard for me to explain how paradigm-shifting and revolutionary the message of that podcast has been for me. I listened to it four times. (You might even find me listening to it again. No promises about that.)

The main thing it did for me: it gave me understanding that spurred me to action. I got it!

I had been dialoguing with a coach to help me in my graphic design and marketing business, but had not committed to a package to proceed with his services. After Lewis Schiff’s message of Business Brilliant had registered in my core I felt an urgency deep within.

I couldn’t go to bed before had I sent the email to the coach. My wife was waiting in bed while I was in the bathroom pecking out the message on my phone.

These are the main points I needed to get off my chest:

1. I’d like for you to help me be able to afford you for coaching.

2. I listened to Jeff Goins’ interview with Lewis Schiff. Kinda shook me up. I need help to be profitable. Can you help me? I need help/accountability to execute… and get it done. I’ve made excuses for too long. Lord, please grant wisdom in Jesus’ name. I need it.

I’m simply sharing these details on my blog to share my journey. It is something that has made a difference in my world. It might make a difference in yours.

Key messages in Jeff’s podcast and in the book:

1. Imitate, don’t innovate in your business.

2. The idea that you ‘pursue your passion and the money will follow’ is false. People who Schiff has interviewed who have done well for themselves and their businesses have indeed followed their passion, but then they followed the money. (Someone might take this as greed and money hunger. Truth be told, our local grocer has no plans to hand out loaves of bread for free. He charges money for it. Neither has the coffee shop next door started giving out coffee for free. Yeah, charging for these goodies is simply good business.)

3. Having a new idea for a start-up is not that impressive. The execution of the idea is what separates the winner from the loser. (Schiff is audacious enough to title a chapter in his entrepreneurial book with this name: Mastering the Mundane. Not exactly appealing to entrepreneurs. Read it to find out how cool that really is. I’m beginning to like it.)

Action steps I took:

1. Made myself accountable. I made a list of specific projects I needed to complete with finish-by dates that I gave to my coach.

2. I began doing projects instead of putting them onto my to-do list for the umpteenth time.

How my thinking changed as a result of my coach:

1. I knew I had someone in my corner, rooting for me. It motivated me. It strengthened my resolve and my purpose.

2. This specific coach’s personality, worldview, and business operation experience and success are a right fit for me. (This is the most important one.)

3. He is able to speak the truth in love and hold my feet to the fire if needed.

That’s been a few weeks now. But after I had a break in the action, I called my coach. I was ecstatic with the unfolding of events and the changes my mindset have had on my performance.

My coach said he could hear a difference in my voice.

Let me say, I have someone in my corner. My world has changed. I’m living the difference.

For so long, I’ve wanted to take all the credit myself for my success. I wanted to be the star of my own show. Guess again. (Talking to myself now.) I need help to succeed.

I have accomplished projects in these few short weeks that have been in my cache for months.

Truth is—we’re created as social beings and we function more productively in synergy with others than alone.

Coaching that is connected to specific actions in my life. That is what made the biggest difference for me.

I now understand in a fresh way: books have the power to change lives. Let’s get the word out about good books.

My adventure continues.

Do you have a coach? Why or why not? I’d be delighted to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and please leave your thoughts below.

  • Zechariah Newman

    Love it Arlen. You are doing great things. Keep knocking it out of the park:)

    • Arlen Miller

      Mr. Zech, You’re a great encouragement and a great help to me. Thank you so much.

  • Jeff Goins

    This was great, Arlen. I think it’s time for me to get a coach. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Arlen Miller

      Thank you so much, Mr. Jeff, for your visit to my site and for your comment. Your work is such an encouragement to me. And, of course, one of the biggest is the message of this podcast featuring Lewis Schiff. I’m forever changed. Such a big thank you for the difference you’re making!

  • Trish Sabri

    Thanks for this post, Arlen. I loved this interview with Louis Shiff, too. I was breathless listening to some of his ideas. “Business Brilliant” is now on my short list of books to read. Congrats on the progress you’ve made!

    • Arlen Miller

      Thanks a bunch for your visit, Ms. Trish. Thanks for your encouragement. Everything was so right about that podcast message. The timing and the content. I just shake my head at the impact it is having on me.

  • Micah

    Arlen, I love this! I love this line in particular – ‘we’re created as social beings and we function more productively in synergy with others than alone.’ – it’s something I’m coming to appreciate more and more over time. I’m excited for you and how you’re challenging yourself to shift beyond your comfort zone. I think I’ll be checking out that podcast too. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Arlen Miller

      Thanks so much, Mr. Micah. I’m seeing that it’s essential in order to get something accomplished of value. Very impactful message. Get the book if you can.

  • Anne Woods

    Hey Arlen! What a great, concise article you have here. Business Brilliant has completely shifted my views of how to approach my career, businesses, money, and life. I read Lewis’s book within a few days (found it while searching at a local library) and have ever since been watching videos of his, listening to podcasts with him (of which I’ve really only found one or two), and reading articles. Would love to hear how your progress has been and what other shifts you’ve made in the last month since you wrote this article :)

    • Arlen Miller

      Ms. Anne, Thanks so much for your visit and your comment. It’s hard for me to contain the full and powerful effect that the Business Brilliant concept has had and is having on me and my family. Frankly, I have found myself enjoying billing in a way I hadn’t before. After something is complete, I like to get it billed—that’s a change for me. Also, I find in me a greater push to grow my business in the direction of what is profitable. I am much more profit-geared in my thinking and actions instead of following the illusion that money will automatically come—while I focus on doing what I love. It’s definitely caused me to be spending less time reading blogs and be more in ‘doing’ mode. I think it has ripened the need for me to take the next step in my business and that is to hire someone. Seems it’s brought focus in key areas. Then one step at a time forward in other areas. Thanks again for your visit and I’d love to see any other Lewis media if you find it. I’d enjoy hearing what difference it’s made for you practically—what results you have seen.