John Lee Dumas: Kickstarter on Fire

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January 7 2016 - Blog PostThough I’m not a regular listener of the Entrepreneur on Fire daily podcast, what Mr. John Lee Dumas, a U.S. marine, has pulled off this week is nothing short of inspiring.

He has interviewed 1,200 guests since launching EO Fire. In the course of his interviews he noticed a commonality among his guests: Goal setting. And goal achieving.

In the course of his interviewing tenure and his own experiences, he has developed his own system for achieving, and developed the Freedom Journal to share what he’s discovered.

The Freedom Journal launched on Kickstarter on Monday, January 4, 2016. The minimum backing goal was: $25,000. The project hit $100,000 in 33 hours. Incredible or what?

In a recent interview, I heard John Lee Dumas say his strength is discipline.

I concluded that discipline equals action equals inspiration, and inspiration often produces more action.

Can one person make a difference? The answer is obvious.

Will you (or have you already) be backing the Freedom Journal and get your own copy? Why or why not? Please comment below.