Kary Oberbrunner Tells His Story of Hope Beyond the Cubicle (Win the book!)

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In recent months I was introduced to Mr. Kary Oberbrunner on Facebook. I realized he lives in Columbus, Ohio, a mere two hours from my home. Later I came to the realization that he’s made it his business to set folks on fire (well, kinda). The tagline on his website is: Igniting Souls.

Day Job to Dream Job by Kary Oberbrunner

Day Job to Dream Job by Kary Oberbrunner

I have been involved in the publishing world in some sense for more than 20 years. I’ve had the privilege of helping authors, communicators, and businesses say their words correctly, present themselves accurately, and look good to readers and potential clients. However, I felt I needed help on how to promote to get results.

I contacted Mr. Kary and he replied instantly: “Have you been able to take advantage of my VIP team where I teach you everything for book promotion? It’s free when you order my book.” I ordered the book and got on board.

We are now less than 12 hours from the release date of Mr. Kary’s sixth book: Day Job to Dream Job. I’ve been reading away on the book. One thing that resonated is that he is calling the reader to action. Simple, but it still separates men from the boys.

I recall a recent Facebook post by Jeff Goins that went something like this: “Want to change the world? Do stuff.” That connects with the message by Mr. Kary.

I spent time reading Day Job to Dream Job today and here is the review I popped onto Amazon:

Are you willing to be the monkey who climbs the pole—reaches for the bananas—gets doused with a torrent of water—but still keeps reaching? This book is loaded with encouragement to be that “monkey”. ‘Day Job to Dream Job’ can really be described as a giant call to action spread across 235 pages presented like a personal conversation with Mr. Kary Oberbrunner. He sums it up well on page 63: “Fear isn’t the enemy. Inaction is!”

This book has good research and stats for consideration. Good storytelling. And a powerfully solid and coherent message right out of Mr. Kary’s life. Take a look at this: In 2010 he sat in the director’s office at his day job. Now, here in mid-2014 he is releasing his book #6… along with a powerful team to help, gearing up for the incredible launch we will be witnessing tomorrow on Kary’s release day: August 5, 2014.

Kary’s life of transition from a defeating day job, telling how he did it, how he changed, what he did to get to this day, serves as an encouragement and a hope. Yes, it can indeed be done. This book is not a bunch of theory. Even though he tells the reader how to think, and change perspective—this book comes right out of his own life. Jam-packed with flesh and blood (and tears) real-life experiences, Kary does the hand-holding, but he also stretches his goad and pushes—albeit gently, but deliberately. Gently he encourages: slay the mental giants, get a move on. *That move* will make the ultimate difference.

He speaks such truths as: 1. If you’re in denial about being a prisoner, he can’t help you. 2. You, the reader, have incorrect vision. (Read page 68 for more info on that.) Then he gives the grace and solutions to remedy the problem.

It’s a conversational and informational read. Discover Mr. Kary’s take on the thinking behind: “The early bird gets the worm”. You might refrain from using this seemingly innocent “encouragement” ever again.

Kary’s call to action that gets close to my heart: “If you don’t permit your dream job to advance, many lives will remain unchanged.”

Read it and discover as you go. Resources. Ideas. Action items. His encouragement throughout the book seems to be an across-the-table-kind-of-conversation. He seems to be looking the reader in the eyes and resounding the message: there is hope for you. The dream job life I am describing (his own) can be your experience also.

I’m giving away a copy of Day Job to Dream Job. If you’d like a chance to win, simply make the best comment you can below and your name will be entered. Contest open for ten days—through August 14, 2014.

  • http://www.karyoberbrunner.com/ Kary Oberbrunner

    Thanks for your kind review Arlen.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      My privilege, Mr. Kary. Thanks for allowing me to be on the team.

  • http://thoughthouse.org/ Micah

    Great review, Arlen. I think I may to look into getting a copy and taking a look. Love the quote about inaction especially, it’s something that can creep up on us so quietly until we one day look back and recognise the opportunities we’ve squandered. Trying and failing is always better than not trying and regretting.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Always good to hear from you, Mr. Micah. Thanks so much for your visit. Seems the most effective way to get something done is be intentional and deliberate. Right on with the trying part! Thanks again, Sir.

  • http://www.life-signatures.com Lawrence Namale

    Arlen. Thanks a bunch. Through you, I now am able to get this great resource. I have been doing a personal introspection (will post my thoughts titled ‘What would I do if I were to start over?’ on my blog soon). It looks to me like this book is a must read for me. It also looks to me like I will benefit loads with the launch of my own book. Thanks for being this resourceful.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment, Mr. Lawrence. I look forward to seeing your blog post. The fact that it’s written so personal and so practical makes it a great book in its category.

    • http://storiesmadepowerful.com/ Arlen Miller

      Mr. Lawrence, You’re the winner of the book! Congratulations. Feel free to send your mailing address via private message on Twitter. I just started following you on Twitter. Thanks and Congrats!

      • http://www.life-signatures.com Lawrence Namale