Kary Oberbrunner Tells His Story of Hope Beyond the Cubicle (Win the book!)

Day Job to Dream Job by Kary Oberbrunner

In recent months I was introduced to Mr. Kary Oberbrunner on Facebook. I realized he lives in Columbus, Ohio, a mere two hours from my home. Later I came to the realization that he's made it his business to set folks on fire (well, kinda). The tagline on his website is: Igniting Souls. I have been involved in the publishing world in some sense for more than 20 years. I've had the privilege of helping authors, communicators, and businesses say their words correctly, present themselves accurately, and look good to readers and potential clients. However, I felt I needed help on how to

Lessons I Learned, People I Met in my First Year of Blogging

Today, July 30, 2014, is one year since my first post on this site. What a learning curve it has been. I shot for the moon and hit a few stars. Three lessons I learned: 1. It's hard work. 2. Real relationships develop. 3. Consistent writing is of utmost importance. I have enjoyed the relationships that have developed directly related to this blog. I have had meaningful exchanges with special people. Some of the exchanges were a few words via email. In-person meetings. A phone call. Text messages. Facebook messages. A running contest. Or commenting on a blog. Meaningful

Dad Ran Away—Then We Thought He Had Died

Peru Trip Reunion Fredy Leona

Over the past several years my wife and I became close friends with a special couple from our church. The husband, Fredy, is Peruvian, his wife, Leona, is American. Nearly every time we visited their house they would goad us to join them on a trip to Peru. “You should go with us,” they would encourage. And they would tell us what they experienced on previous trips. They would show us photos of their relatives in the mountains. They would tell us about the challenges they faced on previous visits. Time went on. They would remind, “You should go with us.” Then in late January, I got a

Just Returned from Peru, South America

Peru Teaser photo May 21 2014

I just returned from a 2-week "bridge-building" trip to Peru, South America. What an amazing experience. We saw jungle, mountains, sand dunes and waded the salty Pacific Ocean. A flat tire twice. Got stuck on the road once. More coming soon.

Have You Been to Prison Recently?

Creative Commons - Trisha Fawver

Alcohol. Recklessness. Death. Murder. Incarceration. When we hear these words they make us cringe. Please don’t say these words. We see enough of them in the daily news. Newspapers are packed with these words. Then movies are made about these exact things. Isn’t there any hope? Isn’t there some way out of all this? I am discovering a reality in the middle of violence for more people in our communities than we may be aware of.   In the past year I have been exposed to a wave of realities—very unfortunate realities—in too many people’s lives in our world. Acts of violence,

26 Things I Would Do If I Had No Fear (the terror kind)

1. I would do exactly the work I have always wanted to do. Because I would have no fear that it would not fulfill me or be anything except profitable. 2. I would share hope freely, and without any restraint in my spirit, by how I speak, how I look, how I walk, and how I act. 3. I would give praise freely, liberally, and candidly because I have no fear of being considered a flatterer or of having motives ulterior. 4. I would produce my art prolifically—and then gregariously present my art and my vision without any fear of rejection or fear of being mocked at or scorned. 5. I would

Is There A Way to Stay Free From Fear?

I had a unique experience on Saturday. It prompted me to write what I dub the Truth and Love Worldview. (For me it holds the answer on how to overcome fear. The following is a portion of it. I'd be happy to get your feedback.). Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matthew 7:1. Judging means I assume the authority to decide whether someone is right or wrong, and then feel, act, and think toward a person or idea as I choose based on my perception of truth. This passage says judge not. No exception. For starters, as an experiment, I will predecide I am not permitted or able to judge.

I’m Still Alive and Well

My life is a work in progress. I felt pained that I wasn't able to really knock it out with blogging the last few months after I launched back in July 2013. I've had many experiences since then. Today, I felt I have to simply open my blog and start typing. Here goes, even though it may sound a little rambly. In October, I hopped aboard a challenge with Kimanzi Constable, a prolific blogger from Wisconsin, to conquer 200 miles on foot in October. I wasn't part of the original group and by the time I was on board I had only 24 days remaining. I never ran regularly in my life but I thought

I Killed a Man: How Does Matthew Cordle’s Chilling Confession Affect You?

Matthew Cordle Main Photo

"I killed a man" is the line that is still reverberating around the world. A well-done YouTube video viewed several million times. Shocking. Awe-striking. Unbelievable. What to make of it? Is the confession impressive? Is the video impressive? Is this an attempt to get a shorter sentence? One thing for sure: it got the attention of the world. The man, Matthew Cordle lived about a hundred miles from my house. I was so struck by the case I drove to the courtroom where he was sentenced yesterday to see it firsthand. That night It happened about 3am, June 22, 2013. Mr.

A Few Observations From an Unplanned Break from Blogging

Full week I have just come off of a loaded week directing the project of a first-time author's first book, including coordinating the editing, and text page and cover design. Wow. What a project it has been. But it's such a privilege helping a person with a valid message to get it out. Because of an overloaded week I had not posted this week. The mini break has not been wasted. It's been a time to reflect. Since I had pulled back from posting I noticed that it's much easier to write about something than actually take action and do it. For example, we can write about writing. Write