Today is the Opportunity of a Lifetime

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January 2 2016 - Blog PostToday—don’t miss it

At the ending and beginning of each year the hopes are high for a knockout year—in the future—next year.

Today, I am writing to remind myself that I can never and will never live a whole year, a whole month, or even a whole hour at a time. I live in this moment.

While planning for the future and how I spend my day and my week is very important, it is the actions I take this moment that really make the difference.

Can I take action today?

Of course, I can.

Will I?

Just do it

I have set my standards so high in the past that I have failed to ‘show up and do the work’, one of the favorite choruses of Mr. Jeff Goins.

It’s easy to get caught up in the question of, Do I have what it takes?

I think Paul Evans asked a better question in his email this week. (Paul also wrote on Huffington Post this week about setting better goals.) In his email he asks the question that has gone through my head: Do I have what it takes to do… (and he lists about 25 items.) Do I have what it takes to write the book? Win the award? Lose the weight? Run the race? Pursue the goal

He concludes by answering the question: Yes. You do.

Then he asks the clincher: The bigger question: Will you?

It seems it’s that simple. Not that easy. But that simple.


I confess: I am embarrassed by what I am putting out there right now. But I am forcing myself to write and learn in public to get myself to change, to take my writing seriously, and develop as a writer while the opportunity is called today.

What action have you taken today—on this second day of 2016, towards your goals? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.